Tools of the trade

I’ve been wanting to compile a list of the software & services I use to make my worklife just a bit more easy & enjoyable, so here we go:

  • Harvest Time Tracking & Invoicing. This is seriously one of the most well done services I have ever used. I can’t live without it. The companion iPhone app is also fantastic.
  • Beanstalk Hosted Source Control. Git or Subversion repositories combined with a great web interface and best of all - automated continuous deployment.
  • Basecamp Project Management. Love it or hate it, there’s not really a better way for a small company to manage its projects & tasks. Is it perfect? No.
  • XCode Mac IDE. You want to make iOS or OS X apps? Here’s your only (realistic) choice, and it is worlds ahead of anything you’ll be using for Android development.
  • BBEdit Text Editor. Sorry but I never really jumped on the TextMate bandwagon. BBEdit has been around since before some of you were born, and it will continue to be around forever. It just works. I do all my python development in here, and general text editing besides Markdown.
  • Mou Markdown editor. Do I really need a Markdown-only editor? This is a newcomer to my set of tools but I love it. It reminds me of the LaTeX split-editor I made many moons ago.
  • Cornerstone Subversion GUI. If I’m using Git I prefer to just use the command line, but this GUI by Zennaware makes source control a breeze - branching, merging, you name it. It’s well worth the $ for the time saved.
  • Intellij Community Edition Java/Android IDE. I hate Eclipse. Hate. It was one of the reasons I avoided Android development so much. Along comes another great IDE from the folks at Jetbrains. It’s fast, it has better code completion, along with various other great features built right in without constantly searching for more junk to bloat your Eclipse install. Make the switch…like you really use that Android Layout Designer anyway.
  • Omnigraffle Wireframing/UX. Along with Barebones, the Omni Group has been around forever. I remember using OmniWeb on NeXTSTEP back in the day. This is a very powerful tool where you may only scratch the surface of its features and still be making great wireframes. Definitely check out the iPad/iPhone/Android Stencil Kits from ZURB.
  • Dropbox File sharing made easy. Dropbox is a no-brainer. Keep all your work related content there so you don’t have to worry about backup or easy access from your several computers & mobile devices. It’s also great to use as an Intranet like we do at TwoTap Labs.
  • Evernote Notes & Clippings. Whether i have my iPad, iPhone or Macbook Pro with me, I’m taking notes in Evernote so I can easily find them later. I’ll admit I’m also known to carry a Moleskine and be old fashioned.
  • Pixelmator Image creation & editing. Bye Bye Photoshop. That’s all I have to say.
  • iWork Pages, Keynote, Numbers. You know you want to rid yourself of those last remaining Microsoft products.

I dont think they really require being spelled out… but I also use Chrome, Twitter for Mac,, Rdio, iCal, and iChat.

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